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TASA 2017 Mid-Winter Conference – Austin, Texas
January 29 -February 1, 2017


Whose Rules Are You Following?  
Real Relevant Education AKA 21st Century Learning

January 31, 2017                  10:15 am–11:15 am
ACC – Room 19A
(Capacity 212)

Learn how emphasizing holistic education and transforming the professional culture can boost student/teacher achievement, involvement and pride.  HMS was recognized by TEA as one of seven reward schools in Texas using best practices.   Our students define our campus as:  “beyond, innovative, unique, interactive, hands on, fun.”   How did we do this?   We made our own rules to create a campus where staff and students are allowed to be successful through risk-taking, engaging instruction and mutual respect.                      




          Materials and Examples

  >Demographic Analysis (PDF)       (Google Drive)

  >Global Assessment References (PDF)  (Google Drive)

   >Nine Week Analysis Form (PDF)      (Google Drive)

  >2016-17 Testing Guidelines (PDF)      (Google Drive)

  >Math Foundation Progress Monitoring   (Google Drive) 

  >Reading Foundation Progress monitoring  (Google Drive)

  >Virtual Learning Map (PDF)

  >Google Hangout Program Info. for Teachers (PDF)
           (Google Drive)

  >Learning Plan  (PDF)     (Google Drive)

>7th Grade Math Curricululm Map  (Google Drive)

  >Inservice Schedule 2016-17  (PDF)      (Google Drive)

  >Teacher Contact Log  (PDF 5 pgs)        (Google Drive)

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