Instructional Technology

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Ed Tech and Learning Predictions for 2017-18

#1 – Collaboration Becomes KING; the days of learning in isolation are over as tools like Skype, Today’s Meet, Google Drive and One Drive are being used more in the classrooms

#2 – Learning is More Hands-On; huge growth and interest in maker spaces, “real world” courses like CTE; coding, problem solving and collaboration add to the hands-on emphasis

#3 – Classrooms No Longer Look Like Classroom from the 1900s; gone are desks in rows, flexible furniture can adapt to student needs

#4 – Computational Thinking and Coding Grow; there will be growth in the demand for computer science teachers, as well as in coding initiatives for elementary school students. 

#5 – Students Take Charge; devices are in the hands of EVERY student; personalized learning, flipped learning, blended learning, and engaging formative and summative assessment tools add up to students being more involved in their educational paths. Instruction is “Student Focused”.


Mission of Instructional Technology Department: To support teachers in their quest to seamlessly integrate technology into the curriculum and educational experiences of HISD students, PreK-12.

 GOALS of Instructional Technology Department:

 1. To provide trainings, programs, equipment, and services to teachers, staff,
and students;  .....
2. To promote career and college readiness standards for all students attending HISD;

3. To assist with the acquisition of hardware and software for all students attending HISD;

4. To facilitate the use of Best Practices by all teachers; and

5. To serve as the liaison between the curriculum and technology departments.