Frequently Asked Questions
What bus does my child ride?
Streets and roads are in alphbetical order
Information on which bus your student rides is available from their campus.
What time does the bus come by my house?

Time is dependent upon the route and where your house is located. The majority of buses pick students up between 6:40 and 7:10 am.

Will the bus stop at my house?

Every route has designated stops. Your child will have to be at that stop.

My child missed the bus, can you come back and pick him up?

No the bus has a scheduled route and will not deviate.

Can my child use their cell phone on the bus?

Cell Phones usage is not allowed on the bus. They can use their phones to text or listen to music or surf appropriate web sites. Headphones must be used to listen to music, and cell phones must be set to vibrate and not ring. Cell phones, if used as a distraction will be taken up and turned into the appropriate campus adminstrator.

Can my child listen to music or play a electronic game on the bus?

The use of these devices is a privilege. The Bus Driver has the authority to stop this privilege if it is abused, creates an unsafe environment or creates a discipline problem. Students may listen to recorded music on the bus. They must use earphones. Earphones are not to be shared with another Student. Students may play electronic game devices.
Music and games on these devices should be appropriate.

Hudson ISD is not responsible for any damages or loss of any device and or accessories.

Do I have to be at the bus to pick my child up?

Transporation Department currently only requres this for Peavy Students.

A Parent or assigned responsible person is required to meet the bus when letting these students off the bus. An assigned responsible person can be an older sibling or neighbor. The Parent has the responsibility to notify the bus driver who may meet their student.
Parents are required to have someone at the stop for their child.