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Items shown below are in need of a new home.  To secure the item(s) completely FREE of cost, simply click here, enter your name, campus, and the number of the item(s) you would like delivered to your classroom.  

LImited Items delivered on  "First Request" priority.

*All items donated by teachers that have retired, or who no longer need materials. 

1.  GoNoodle Shirt (M)
Brand NEW
2.   3. clear sleeves with stick backs
(approx 100)
4.  Daily Compass for Goals & Plans-fits into a Franklin Planner 5. 


6.  Wall art16” x 55”

7. 3 File storage compartments that hand on wall –
Hard black plastic

8. Rolodex and lots of notecards 9.   10. 





12.  13.   14. 15  


16.  17.  18 19 20