To earn the PLAY POSTIT Badge, one must:
1. Complete online or in person PLAY POSTIT training sessions or have prior experience using POSTIT (EduCannon).

2. Create and use five different PLAY POSTIT lessons /activities with one’s students.

3. Share lesson/activities with

4. Post at least five Tweets, SEESAW, Instagrams, etc.  about students doing NEARPOD lessons or activities using the following:  (If posting on Twitter use  #buzzhisd plus the hashtag for individual campus...#buzzpeavy, #buzzbonner, #buzzhms, or  #buzzhhs. 

Getting started:
If you do not have a PLAY POSTIT account, contact your campus learning resource media specialist or download the free version of PLAY POSTIT and create an account. 

Documentation for Requesting Badge: 
1. Names of the five different PLAY POSTIT Lessons/activities created and shared with students.
‚Äč2. Dates the five different PLAY POSTIT Lessons/activies were used with students. 
3. Documentation showing that lessons/activities have been shared with
4. Documentation supporting messages shared or posted. 


If you have completed the required components for the PLAY POSTIT badge, and have the above documentation, please complete the attached Badge Request Form.