Message from the Superintendent

Message from the Superintendent

Hudson ISD "New Vision" Update 




Parents and Community Members: 

Two years ago, Hudson ISD began a new journey with a focus on  quality learning rather than a test driven system that is demoralizing to students and staff. Over the course of the next several weeks, students and parents will be receiving the results from these exams. The results should be considered benchmarks, not the end-all to learning for the year. These exams do not reflect the quality of teaching or learning in our classrooms. Our students are more than one test. Their achievements must be determined by a multitude of accomplishments  throughout the year, celebrating academic growth as well as mastery of skills,  co-curricular and extra-curricular accolades, experiencing new opportunities/challenges. 


Hudson ISD has a long standing tradition for excellence. This tradition was not founded on a state assessment system that labeled students, teachers, campuses based on a narrow, rigid curriculum that prepared students for the "next exam"! This tradition was built on recognizing the value of each child, nurturing the natural gifts each child brings to school, discovering and developing creativity and curiosity, preparing students for life-long learning. Thanks to the support of the Hudson ISD Board of Trustees and Staff, the district has rediscovered the "science and art" of teaching and learning. Our classrooms are reflecting quality student and teacher engagement, not drill and kill for one test.

Hudson ISD will use the state assessment data for the purpose the original assessment system was created, a diagnostic instrument for identifying areas for intervention as well as enrichment. Individual student data will be aligned with local assessment data to develop educational plans that insure continued progress for our students. Our campuses will strive to be exemplary based on various measures of student achievement: academic growth measured in multiple formats, extra-curricular (fine arts and athletics), community service, school organizations/clubs, safety, college and career readiness, digital learning, 21st century workforce skills.

Our children, not the state assessment, will be our top priority. Instruction will focus on preparing all students for success in a 21st century global economy.


"Hudson Independent School District fosters a community of life-long learners by providing an environment that builds self-worth, integrity, and respect for diversity while striving for academic and social excellence."

Respectfully yours,

Mary Ann Whiteker ,