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Help, Policies, Documents, Forms, etc.

Apple Apps, Policies and Procedures:
   1. Purchase and Install Policy & Procedures

     2. FREE Apps Policy & Procedures   
3.Request Form for Purchase of App (must be approved by principal or director)

AmeriDoc - 1-877-263-7409

Assessment Data Reflections: Bonner Elementary(NEW, Fall 2015)

Assessment Data Reflections: Hudson High School

Assessment: Nine Weeks Test Analysis Form  (January, 2016)

Bullying: Procedure for reporting bullying to HISD 

Bus Request Form

BYOD Policy and FAQ's

Chrome Add ons

Digital Device:     Handbook        Loan Agreement Form      Management Policy

Demographic Analysis Form (PDF)    Google Drive copy

Employee Handbook, 2016-17   (3 pages to print, sign & return)  

Employer's First Report of Injury or Illness (Worker's Comp)

Facilities Use Request Form 

Field TripsProcesses and Procedures    Field Trip Request Forms    Final Field Trip Review Forms

                        Criminal Background checks are done via Driver's License by Campus Administration

HOW-TO FLYERS from HDOT   (October, 2016)
      1. Software Center         
      2. Installing Printers (WIN 10)             
 DVD Playing     

      4. VLC             
iPad (Lost, Name) 


 Injury Report: Complete form and submit to administration if you are injuried on the job.

Internet Safety Training (for Students):
 1. Verificiation of Internet Safety Training Requirements :  
             Form should be completed by teachers that are responsible for  internet safety training.
             Form is to be filed with campus principal by October 1 of each school year. 
Documentatio of Internet Safety Training provided during school year.
        3. Center for Safe Communities and Schools; contains internet safety information for students, parents,   
              teachers, community partners, etc. 

Master Card Voucher - Use PDF writer such as Nitro to complete digitally onlne)

Nepris - Connecting Industry and the Workplace to Classrooms

Penda: Instructions and Handouts

Purchase Order (Download template to desktop, “Open with” Nitro or Adobe  Acrobat to complete digitally, save and print)

MySchool Way -District Social Media Service

Social Media Responsible Use Policy

STAAR Modules - Texas Test Administrator Online Training

Vehicle Request Form - Fleet Vehicle (car)   Bus Request

Website Guidelines for Teacher Websites Review Form