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It's Not Monkey Business


Technology Specialist Academy – Austin, Texas 

Technology Evolution: It’s Not Monkey Business
Friday, November 18, 2016  –   8:30-10:00 AM   –    Innovation Room 

Change is constant – so many tools, so many devices.  
How does one manage implementation?  
HISD shares its plan to be adaptable, sustainable and transparent.



1. Powerpoint Introduction  (2 versions: ppt and ppt with audio)
2. Sample Digibadges              Page 1               Page 2             Display
3. Professional Development Management  
PD Request, Vehicle request, all forms linked to Staff Center
       Sign-in sheets 
         Certificates (google docs and autocrat, password protected on site)                         Certificates     (NEW)

4.  Digital Leader Toolkit

5. “How many ‘tech people’ does it take…” Slides


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