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EOY- Canvas Content Safeguard
(created by Emily Meisel)

Changing Course Name
(Created by Paul Olszewski)

Cross Listing
(Created by Paul Olszewski)

Gradebook – Section Filter
(Created by Paul Olszewski)


Video Feedback
(Created by Monica Weeks)

Give Video feedback to individual students

3. EdPuzzle District PAID account;Select the appropriate method of activationeDPUZZLE

(1) Teachers that already have an Edpuzzle account with District email:
If you already have an EdPuzzle account using the district's email domain, you account is already upgraded. 
Access EdPuzzle via CLEVER.  You will see "Pro-School" status when you click the circular user icon in the top right corner because the drop down menu will say "Pro-School". 

(2) Teachers new to Edpuzzle or who need to move schools: Can use the link below!  This link works for every teacher in Hudson ISD, it will prompt you to choose between only the schools in Hudson ISD.    Link:        Once account has been created and linked to Hudson ISD and your campus, you will be able to access via CLEVER.     

Need to learn more about EdPuzzle?  Use the links below to get started!

 "What is Edpuzzle" + getting started                         Edpuzzle and Canvas       

4. TEKS RESOURCE SYSTEM – Targeted Success with Quality Curriculum and Aligned Assessment
Acces via CLEVER.TRS
Select TEKS Resource System icon

The first time you login
   Username: School email address
   Password: Select Forgot Password, it will guide you through creating a password. 


Threat Advice – Teachers

ThreatAdvice for NON-teachers


Recording lesson using document camera

Avoid Pop-Up Ads in YouTube

If you type _popup before the question mark on the web address of any YouTube video, then it will take off all of the ads and any other surrounding videos that the students could possibly click on. For example, this video on adding fractions has a YouTube URL of If I change it and add the _popup, it looks like this: Now it opens full screen without any annoying ads.


Updating Profile on District Website

Tech Competency Requirements