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Software Programs

The following software programs and/or apps have been vetted and are approved for district use.  Most programs can be accessed via CLEVER. 
The campus contact for each programs is listed within the program description. 
Questions: Contact Curriculum Director, Campus Media Specialist, or Instructional Technology Specialist

Gradebook – Skyward (PreK-12)
Contact: Campus Media Specialist

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Canvas – Grades 3-12
Digital Classroom that can house course materials, communication tool with students and parents, distributes and collects student assignments.
Contact: Campus Media Specialist

SEESAW Peavy Primary- Grades PreK-2
Digital Classroom that can house course materials, communication tool with students and parents, distributes and collects student assignments.
Contact: Campus Media Specialist; Campus Instructional Coach


TAG (DMAC) – Test generator 

TEKSCORE (DMAC) – Online administration, scoring and analysis of student assessements

TFAR – Texas Formative Assessment Resource
A free platform tht allows teachers to create, administer, and share formative assesments. Educators can choose test items for a bank of TEA-provided, TEKS-aligned questions or they can author questions themselves. Test can be administered online or printed as PDFs. 
Contact: Campus Testing Coordinator or Curriculum Director


TEKS Resource System (TRS) – Viable,research-based aligned curriculum. Aligned with state-adopted standards, including content connections, formative and summative assessment items and support resources that are continually reviewed and updated.  Provides information about individual TEKS and TEKS vertical and horizontal align.  Suggested YAGs, IFDs and TVS provided for core subjects. 
Contact: Curriculum Director
Login: Instructional Technology Specialist






Edgenuity-Curriculum used at DAEP
Contact: Curriculum Director; LeeAnn Stephens, HS Paraprofessional 




BrainPop,Jr  Peavy & Bonner paid subscription –  Transforms passive screen time into interactive learning time. Searchable by subject and grade level. auto-graded assessments to track student progress.  
Contact: Curriculum Director

Discovery Ed - Wide variety of resources including video, images, audio, interactives, text, and much more. Filter searches by grade level, media type, TEKS, topic, etc. Language toggle included on some channels.  Store selections in personalized QuickLists.
Contact: Curriculum Director

Edpuzzle – All-in-one video platform, interactive presentations, engaging learning experieces using video created by teacher, student, online library, etc., embed questions into presentation, track student results. 
Contact: HS and MC Campus Media Specialist

EverFI – No cost Digital Lessons for K-12 Educators.  EverFi delivers digital resources that help teacher equip students with critical life skills.  Searchable by grade level and topic.  Lessons are ready to use and can be assigned to classes via CLEVER.   FREE teacher Webinars available.  
Contact: P.T. Walters, CTE Director

Flocabulary Plus – Grades 3-5.  A library of songs, videos and activities for K-12 online learning. Can be used to incorporate vocabulary into lessons and build academic vocabulary in every subject. Contact: Curriculum Director

Gimkit – Can be used to introduce or review concepts; a combination of Kahoot and Quizlet, but with additional unique features.  Can be used in classroom setting or assigned for independent practice.  Functions much like flash cards. 
Contact: Curriculum director, Campus Media Specialist
Login: Curriculum director or Inst. Specialist can provide link to join Hudson ISD GimKit Pro account. 

Immersive Reader – FREE Microsoft tool that will read online text; available when using Edge browser on any school or home device; 
Contact: Campus Media Specialist – Digital curiculum including digital literacy, computer coding, keyboarding, online safety, virtual robotics and more.   Designed to be used in a Technology Applications class or integrated into any classroom.
Contact: Curriculum Director 

Peardeck – Transform slide presentations into online interactive presentations that students can access from any device. 
Individual HS teacher licenses only at this time. (No extra paid licenses available at this time)  
Contact: Curriculum Director, Media Specialist or Instructional Technology Specialist


Language Arts


Science/Social Studies

Edusmart (Middle School) –  A technology-based teaching tool the promotes Science literacy and collaborative problem-solving with STEM activities that required the application of knowledge and skills to solve “real world” problems.  Adapts to support all types of instructional models including direct instruction, coooperative learning and inquiry-based instruction. 
Contact: Curriculum Director or Ginger Dykes, MS Science Teacher