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Learning Portal

HISD students can access all virtual learning activities and programs via their CLEVER account. 

CLEVER is the learning portal for all HISD students, PreK-12th Grade. 


1. Steps for accessing and login to CLEVER:

                                  (1) School Website   (
student portal (2) Student Portal
     clever (3) CLEVER
           Student usernamehint: ALPHAKEY (with spaces)
          Student password hint: 0Lunch#
      (View Video #1 at the bottom of this page.)   

2. Learning Management System (LMS)
A software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, programs and learning programs. The district has implemented the use of SEESAW at Peavy Primary and the use of CANVAS in grades 3-12.  

      SEESAW----PreK-2nd Grade
       Student Access
> Students will select SEESAW icon
            > Students will see Journal – Assignments – Inbox
       > Students will receive all assignments and teacher communications through SEESAW 
 (View VIDEO #1 below)  

       Parent Access: 
            > Download “SEESAW FAMILY” app
            > School will provide each parent with a unique code linking them to their child. 
               Code should be provided to parents within the first week of school, or shortly after a student enrolls.  
  (View VIDEO #2 below)

     CANVAS----Grades 3-12
         ‚ÄčStudent Access:
            > Students will select CANVAS icon
            > Homepage will contain list of all classes
            > Selecting  a class will enable them to see assignments, messages, etc. from their teacher
            > All assignments and student communications will occur with CANVAS.   (View VIDEO #3 below)

       Parent Access: 
          > Parents will need to download “Canvas Parent” app
          > Parents can log-in on a computer by going to:
> School will provide each parent with a unique code linking them to their child.


#1 SeeSaw Parent Training



#2 Family App Tour

#3 Accessing the LMS

3. .All assignments, links to activities, homework, etc will be delivered and returned online through SEESAW or CANVAS.   Students must have access to a digital device with internet capabilities to complete online instruction.

4.  Students completing work from home must login and complete assigned work each day to be counted present for the school day.  All teachers will be uploading assignments, videos, worksheets, assessments, etc.   All work will have a due date, and must be completed and returned by the assigned date.  Work will be graded.