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Level One (2022)

Level I (One)

Total amount of award will be $600. Multiple winners will be awarded each cycle.

To successfully complete Level I, a teacher must create and submit the following products.
Click on each part to view complete details:


Level I, Part 1 – PRESENTATION  – A miminum ten (10) slide presentation with appropriate graphics, animation, appropriate content for audience, etc.  Click here for detailed instructions and grading rubric.  Read and follow instructions carefully.

 PowerPoint                     Slides              Keynote  



Level I, Part 2 – PRINTED MEDIA – A product that could be printed and distributed to parents or convered to PDF and published digitally. Click here for detailed instructions for completing Level I, Part 2. Read and follow instructions carefully. 
                                                   Word                     Docs               Pages   




Level I, Part 3 – READING & INTERPETING DATA – Use information from spreadsheets to complete a 10 item assessment.  .Click here for detailed instructions for completing Level I, Part 3. Read and follow instructions carefully.




Scoring Rubric - A score of 80% on each of the three parts is required for Mastery

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