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Level IV (2022)

Level IV (Four)

Total amount of award is $1,000 (Two names will be drawn each cycle).
To successfully complete Level  IV, a teacher must create and submit all FOUR PARTS of the Level IV requiremts.
REMEMBER TO COMPLETE PART 4 at the bottom of the page.

Level IV – Part 1 – Interactive lessons

Student interaction, checks for understanding, and immediate feedback are components of effective teaching.   There are many platforms available for a teacher to use for these purposes.   For example:   NearPod, Google Classroom, Playposit, OneNOTE, and SeeSaw

  1. Investigate the different platforms that will allow you to have a video or slide presentation and insert questions or checks for understanding throughout the presentation that students can respond to online while still in the presentation, and then the presentationt will continue on to the next topic and another checkpoint at an appropriate spot.    
  2. Select the method(s) that you would like to use.
  3. Create a total of three (3) interactive lessons/presentations you could use with your students. Have "check for understanding" embedded,in each of the lessons.  
  4. Share ONE of your lessons/presentations with   
    Send an email to telling them how to access shared presentation, example share link, provide login information, etc. 
  5. After you have completed all  parts Level 4,complete the attached LEVEL IV EVALUATION FORM and submit the required email notification at the bottoms of this page.

Note: You do not have to use the same platform for all three lessons.  

Level IV – Part 2 – Creating and using Forms

Data collection is a task that teachers are often called upon to do.  There are several platforms that allow one to create a form, digitally disperse it to those that will be providing information, and then magically collect and drop all the information into an easy-to-read-and-interrupt database.

     1.  Investigate the different platforms that will allow one to create and disperse a form.

     2.  Select the method you would like to use.  

     3.  Create a form and distribute digitally to audience. Form should contain betweem 5-10 fields for recipient to input data. (Audience could be one’s students, parent group, fellow teachers, options are open.)

     4. Share the form you created with

     5.  After you have completed all  parts Level 4,complete the attached LEVEL IV EALUATION FORM and submit the required email notification at the bottoms of this page.

 Level IV - Part 3 – Looking ahead

Things are changing rapidly, we must adapt and contine to move forward as individuals, as campuses and as a district..

To successfully complete Part 3 of Level IV, please take a few minutes to think about technolgy, professional development, assistance, etc. ...anything that you feel would make you a more productive teacher and improve the quality of instruction for your students.   In the space provide on the EVALUATION Form for Level IV, please provide information to help the district acquire data in order to make informed decisions about the directions we should be moving. Your input is valuable, please be as honest and open as possible.  

LEVEL IV EVALUATION FORM (to be completed by teacher)

Level IV – Part 4 – Validation of Completion of Level IV.
When you have completed all parts of the Level IV requirements.send an email with “LEVEL IV COMPLETED” in the subject line to .

Level IV Grading Rubric
(will be used to evaluation sucessful completion of Level IV)

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