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DigiBadge Program

Total amount of award is $2,000 (Two names will be drawn each cycle)

Beginning in the fall of 2016, DigiBadges were added to the HISD Technology Initiative.  HISD teachers  have the opportunity to be recognized as  “Digital Learning Innovators”.  DigiBadges were created to recognize those teachers that incorporate different types of technology integration in their classrooms to promote 21st century skills such as digital citizenship, communication,cooperation, critical thinking, collaboration, research, and global awareness.

Teachers  are encouraged to examine the list of “BADGES” that are currently available and to suggest additional badge options.  Click on the name of the program  to access the requirements for earning a particular badge and the documentation that is required as proof of implementation.

As an incentive for teachers to participate in the DigiBadge initiative, funds have been provided for recognition of teachers that participate.   Drawings will occur at the same time that Competency drawings are held. 


(1)  Click here to access BADGE REQUIREMENTS and a list of some of the available DigiBadges

(2) To successfully complete DigiBadge Program and become eligible for one’s name to be included in the drawing for a cash award, a teacher must earn a minimum of THREE different BADGES from the available DigiBadge Options, on the request form there is an option to enter the name of a program that is not listed.  Apps and programs pop up or change names frequently, so the available list does not contain all program titles that are available.   

(3)  One’s name is entered into the drawing for each additional set of THREE BADGES earned.  
                (One may win the DIGIBADGE AWARD only once.)

Easiest DIGIBADGE DOCUMENTATION – contact and we can create a page in your google drive and embed it into your website so that you fulfill both the documentation and social media requirements at the same time.   Takes less than 5 minutes to setup. 


Other Sample DIGIBADGE DOCUMENTATION FORMS:    PDF          Google Drive       One Drive   
                            (Download form, save to your computer or your drive and type directly onto form.)


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