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Additional Weblinks and Information provided below

21st Century Education

  • 21st Century Fluency Project
    • Exceptional resources to assist in transforming learning to be relevant to life in the 21st Century. At the core of this project are Curriculum Integration Kits - engaging, challenge based learning modules designed to cultivate the essential 21st Century Fluencies within the context of the required curriculum.
  • Bloom's Taxonomy for 21st Century Learners
    • How do educators, students and communities bring all of the technology types together to apply teaching and learning strategies in a cohesive and sound approach. Twenty-first century skills are critical; applying them in a way that is intuitive and not a list of 28 individual resources will be the key.
  • iTunesU
    • Short, quick introduction and explanation of services and programs that can be accessed via iTunesU.
  • Project Based Learning
    • Promotes student developed projects to guide learning process. Concept being considered by various school districts throughout the country......Cooperative grouping.......variety of project types........independent learning......real world situations and problems

Homework Help

  • WolframAlpha
    • Get help in solving math problems, answers to scientific questions, and much more.

Instructional and Assessment Sites for Teachers

Social Studies Tools
  • Humanities of Texas
    • Workshop and grant opportunitites available.
  • Region 10 Vocabulary
  • Social Studies Center 

Student & Teacher (aides, tutorials, activities, enrichment)

  • 50 States
    • Maps and information about all 50 states; worksheets, puzzles, and more
  • Babel Fish
    • Enter up to 150 words in one language and Babel Fish will translate it for you.
  • Discovery School
    • More than 700 sites that provide tutorials, glossaries, and study assistance
  • Education (Yahoo education feeds)
    • Source of live feeds that can be imported to "Start" page
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
    • State provided online Encyclopedia Britannica : Campus librarian can supply login information
  • K-12 Databases - EBSCOHOST
    • Online research; activities, etc. ; password required - see campus librarian
  • National Geographic
    • Take an interactive tour of the Congo River Basin or try the Map Machine. Choose what to see and the map is created.
  • Plants in Motion
    • Great videos of different tropisms
  • TI education portal for Texas
    • Free Downloads for AP exam prep, Math TAKS (grade 6 - EXIT), Science TAKS (Grade 8, 10, and EXIT) and much, much more.



Textbook Publishers & Online Resources

  • ConnectEd
    • ELA adoption Grades K-12
  • Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
    • Adopted Texts:
  • Handwriting Without TEARS
    • State approved handwriting curriculum
  • McDougall / Littell
    • Adopted Texts:
  • Online Essay Grader - Teacher Management Link
  • Prentice Hall
    • Adopted Texts:
  • TEA - Textbook Administration
    • Up-to-date information about textbook adoption, resources, etc.
  • Write Source