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Middle School Computer Lab Calendars

Guidelines for Middle School Computer Lab reservations: 
1.  Teachers may reserve lab for a maximum of FOUR (4) consecutive days.
(Exception must be approved by campus principal.)
2. There must be at least a ONE (1) week interval between consecutive user reservations. 
            (Example: A teacher may reserve lab for 3 days one week,  skip a week then reserve lab for 4 days the next week.)

Middle School Computer Lab Reservation Calendars
(1) To reserve a lab, one must be signed into their school gmail account
2) Select name of lab from the list below (click)
(3)  Click on date and time slot 
(4)  SAVE
(5)  Reservation will automatically be recorded on master calendar AND on teacher's calendar.  *** Confirmation email is sent to school gmail account.
(6)  Individual making reservation is the only one that can cancel reservation.



Media Center Computer Lab    
Confirmed Reservations

HMS Outdoor Classroom

Confirmed Reservations


Media Center Multipurpose Room

Confirmed Reservations


Learning Lab 

When opening this calendar view by day.

Confirmed Reservations