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Academic ECH


Academic Early College High School 


      This program is designed for students interested in pursuing an Associate’s Degree while in high school.   Freshmen level students will take one course (Problems & Solutions) on the high school campus.  Beginning their sophomore year, students will transition into taking more college courses that will be available through multiple venues.   Students in this program will more likely have a full college schedule their junior and senior years, allowing them to obtain up to 60 hours of college credit throughout their entire high school term.  Students in this program will forsake their traditional high school experience for a much more intense focus on obtaining college credit hours.  



Academic ECHS Enrollment:


1. Grades:  AVID students in the 8th grade AVID program must take at least one advanced class their eighth grade year.  Students must pass EVERY subject with at least an average of 70.

  2. Grade Classification:  For the 2017-18 school year, the 10th grade students will be those who completed the ECHS requirements in the 9th grade. The 9th grade students will be those who participated in the 2016-2017 AVID cohort at Hudson Middle School during their 8th grade year.  
  3. Attendance: Student must not have been involved in truancy prevention measures, missing credit due to the  “90% rule”, or has/had attendance problems as noted by school personnel.    Administrative discretion can be used to accept or deny a student’s acceptance under this category due to extenuating circumstances. 
  4. Discipline:  Student’s discipline record will be reviewed prior to admittance into the Academic ECHS program.  Any incidents will not automatically prevent admittance into the program, but all records pertaining to discipline will be reviewed for administrative discretion in deciding enrollment options
5. Financial Obligation: HISD shall assume all cost associated (tuition, fees, and books) with Academic-ECHS enrollment for approved coursework. 


>Compliance with Angelina College: All policies, procedures, and guidelines for the continuance in the Academic ECHS program must be followed.  Angelina College reserves the right to uphold their policies and make decisions in regards to enrollment, continuance and dismissal.  If a student fails to maintain good standing with Angelina College, and is REMOVED from the Academic-ECHS program, the student will be placed in classes on the Hudson High School campus.  The timing of possible dismissal can yield difficulties for scheduling and will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the counseling and administrative staff of Hudson High School.  The  student will be placed in available courses at that time to be concurrent with meeting their graduation requirements. 
>Compliance with Hudson ISD: Students who are not successful in all approved coursework paid for by the district shall be placed under  review.  Students under review will be allowed to continue enrollment for the following semester.  The district will continue to assume the financial obligation for the approved coursework.  Students who are not successful while under review shall be placed on probation the following semester and Academic ECHS enrollment will not be approved.