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HISD Online Store

Items shown below are in need of a new home.  To secure the item(s) completely FREE of cost, simply click here, enter your name, campus, and the number of the item(s) you would like delivered to your classroom.  

LImited Items delivered on  "First Request" priority.

*All items donated by teachers that have retired, or who no longer need materials. 


peel and stick paper Straw basket Art brushes


Guest Registery
1. Peel and Stick paper

Straw basket

3. Assortment of brushes 4. Pumpkin 5. Guest Register (NEW)


Portfolio Halloween candle holder Girl reading   Cassette tapes
6. Relay for Life Portfolio 7. Candle holder 8. 10” girl reading 9. Stack boxes 10. Mini Cassette tapes


Responsibility posters Desk tape Straw basket   Transparencies
11.Responsibility Posters 12.Cursive, printing, numbers, colors, etc.  13. Straw basket 14. Plant holder 15. Transparencies


  DVD CDs    
16.  17. DVD s 18. CD-R 19.    


20. 21.  22. 23. 24



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