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To earn the GONOODLE Badge, one must:

1.Complete online or in person GONOODLE training sessions or have prior experience using GONOODLE .

2.Create classroom and provide TEN different opportunities for students to use GONOODLE (or associated websites like GONOODLE) ten different times in your classroom. 

3.Share presentations or data reports with

4. Post at least five “Tweets”, “Seesaw”, “Instagram” etc. messages about students using GONOODLE  activities in your classroom. (If posting on Twitter use  the following:  #buzzhisd plus the hashtag for individual campus...#buzzpeavy, #buzzbonner, #buzzhms, or #buzzhhs.)

Note: Pictures and/or videos can be shared with campus or district personnal for posting on restricted access sites. Teacher requesting Badge MUST post to their class website. Items posted by campus or district media contact person DO NOT count towards badge requirements.  


Getting Started:

Check school devices that students will be using to access GONOODLE be sure they have app and/or access to site. 


Documentation for Requesting Badge: 

1. Date of each of the ten different GONOODLE opportunities.

2. Copies of email documentation stating basic topics, date, and purpose of each of the 10 different GONOODLE activities.

3. Documentation about the five different GONOODLE activities posted on Twitter, instagram, seesaw, etc. 

If you have completed the required components for the GONOODLE Badge, and have the above documentation, please complete the attached Badge Request Form.