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Field Trip Procedures

                             Field Trip Procedures

The following forms and suggestions will assist in guiding one through the process of planning a safe and productive field trip.

Step #1:  Two weeks prior to field trip(minimum): 

                 Digital Field Trip Request Form must be submitted to campus principal.  

                 Teachers are encouraged to keep a copy of all requests submitted.  

        Peavy Primary Field Trip Request Form                Bonner Elementary Field Trip Request Form

        Middle School Field Trip Request Form               High School Field Trip Request Form 


STEP #2:  TWO Weeks prior to field trip: 

         Transportation form should be submitted.    Bus Request             Fleet Request(Car)

         Food Service should be contacted if more than 10 students are not going to be eating in the cafeteria.  
                                  (NEW change in number of students)

         Campus nurse should be contacted about medical needs of students that will be on trip. 


Step #3.FIVE DAYS prior to field trip: Final Field Trip Review Checklist should be submitted to campus principal.

                     Peavy Primary Final Field Trip Review                     Bonner Elementary Final Field Trip Review

                   Middle School Final Field Trip Review                                                 High School Final Field Trip Review