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Technology Integration Plan

Technology Integration  Plan  

Part 1: Technology Competenc

Teachers employed by Hudson ISD are expected to demonstrate he/she has the technology skills necessary for today's educational environment.  Identified skills have been divided into five levels and projects have been developed that allows one to demonstrate competency with each identified skill

Links to each level can be found in the side menu of this page under  "Competency Levels".

New employees are asked to complete: 
    Level I by the end of one’s second semester of employment at Hudson ISD. (BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK) 
    Level II should be completed 
by the end of one’s second year of employment.
    Level III should be completed by the end of one’s third year of employment. 
    Level IV should be completed by the end of one’s fourth year of employment

    At the present time there is no requirement for completion of Level 5. 

Successful completion of each of these levels, earns one a chance to receive a substantial award that can be used to purchase technology equipment or software for use in one's classroom or department.  

When a teacher successfully completes each of the Competency Levels, his/her name is placed into a drawing for a "Competency Awards".  The amounts and the number of awards presented during each drawing are as follows:
                                                      Level I   - $600...Five (5) names drawn
                                                      Level II  - $700...Three (3) names drawn
                                                      Level III - $800.....Three  (3) names drawn
                                                      Level IV - $1,000...Two (2) names drawn
                                                      Level V - $1,500....One (1) name drawn
                                                      DigiBadge –$2,000…Two (2) names drawn

                                                Total $15,000 Award each Drawing


First drawing will be on the Inservice day scheduled in October. 
Second drawing will be the day classes after Thanksgiving Break. 

If one's name is drawn, the teacher will be notified by their campus principal or by the instructional technology specialist..  He/She will be given an award certificate and instructions on how to request the item(s) they wish to purchase using the award funds.

Part II Yearly Review

Each year teachers, staff, and students are asked to complete an online survey to evaluate the different technology components, services, and needs of Hudson ISD.  The results of the surveys will be used to formulate yearly campus and district plans.

             Evaluation Form – Survey is distributed the first week of May and is open for two weeks.   Participation in survey is totally voluntary.  Usually approximatel 75% of teachers respond.  Data from the survey is used to plan future professional development.



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