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Website Requirements

 Website Guidelines

1.  All teachers are required to create and maintain a school webpage.  

2.  Webpage may be created using any tool or template  
(Exception:  MS teachers are required to create a GABBART landing page; they can then link to other providers if they chose).  
     >The district provides and supports GABBART websites.
      >If another provider is used, the district does not provide training or support.              

3.  Webpage must be kept current and contain relevant information.

4. The first page (landing site) should contain the following information:
          >Name of teacher
          >Contact information for teacher (email address, phone number, conference period)
          >Daily class schedule
          >Classroom expectations
          >Supply list (can be linked to printable list)

5.  Site should be user friendly to both parents and students.  It should contain information and/or links informing
     parents and students how they can acquire information about homework, projects, fieldtrips, activities, etc. 

        Example 1: If you use SchoolWay, include information on downloading app 
             Example 2: If you will be sending home a paper week-at-a-glance, include that information on your site
             Example 3: If you use Remind, Twitter or something else, include that information on your site.

6.  Cute is nice, but usability and information provided is more important to parents.

7.  Site will be checked periodically by administrators...(Website Review Checklist)

8.   HELP IS always available - process of creating and maintaining should not be overwhelming.


Required Components

Name of Course
Name of Teacher
Teacher(s) contact information
Link to District site
Student supply list
Daily schedule with conference time
Classroom expectations/rules

Peavy & Bonner-
 Peek-at-the-week or
Week-at-a-glance or Weekly Newsletter 

Middle School & High School: Syllabus or
Assignment Calendar

Optional Components

Instructional Plan 
Class Project(s) Information
Study Guides
Links to supplemental resources
Samples of Student Work
Short Answer Format
Enrichment/Tutorial activities
Fieldtrip information
Student permission forms
School updates


Contact Joan Ragland

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School Phone:
Cell Phone: