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Level III will be updated during the 2019-2020 school year.

Level III (Three)

Total amount of award is $800 (Multiple names will be drawn each cycle).

To successfully complete Level III, a teacher must create and submit the following products.
Click on each part to view complete details:

Level III, Part 1: A one-page newsletter containing original articles with specific formatting.  Skills required to complete task include: two column formatting, drop cap at beginning of paragraph, justified texts, and inserting picture with wrapped text formatting.

 Word      Publisher             Docs       Pages




Level III, Part 2: Create a two-page spreadsheet workbook containing specific information on each page. Skills required to complete task are: the ability to enter data into spreadsheet format, the ability to rename sheets of a workbook, the ability to copy data from spreadsheet and paste onto  document.             

Excel        Sheets Numbers




Scoring Rubric Level III: Parts 1 & 2.....A score of 80% required for Mastery


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