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Level V (Five)

Total amount of award is $1,500 (One name will be drawn each cycle).

Traditional Method:
To successfully complete Level V, a teacher must create and submit the following products. Click on each part to view complete details:

Level V, Part I:    He/She maintains a student-centered website that is linked to HISD district site.  Website must contains all necessary components and show evidence of being updated on a regular basis.  

                      (1)  Required components that must be included on one's Website.  

Website Checklist  used for evaluating website.

Level V, Part II:   He/She practices technology integration on a regular basis.  Click here for complete instructions and criteria for completing Part 2 and providing proper documentation.

                        (1)  Verification Sheet for Technology Integration


Level V, Part III:  He/she shares their technology expertise with peers.  Click here for complete instructions and criteria for completing Part 3 and providing proper documentation of sharing technology strategies and integration.

   (1) Sign-in Sheet Template  

   (2)Sign-in Sheet(interactive)

   (3) Workshop Verification Summary  

Alternate: Level V, Part III: Live webinars, precorded training sessions, or a combination of face-to-face trainings, live and/or prerecorded webinars can be used to fulfill Level V, Part III requirements.   Digital copy of agenda, digital signin sheet, and verification summary required.


Level V Scoring Rubric - Parts 1, 2 & 3.....A score of 80% required for Mastery

Alternate Method :       

To successfully complete Level V, a teacher must provide documentation for the following:                 

        (1)  He/She has successfully complete Google Certified Educator, Level 1. 
                    Click to access Google for Education Training Center

      Documentation of completion of Google courses and exams are required for
      successful completion of Level V.


       (2)  He/she has successfully completed the APPLE TEACHER Certification.  Eight Badges, No cost, Help provided online.   Click to access Apple Teacher Training Site.


         (3)  He/She has successfully completed a certification course that will directly influence the rigor
              and expectation of students enrolled in a technology connected student certification course. 

                (Example: Adobe Certified Associate in Video Communication Using Adobe Premiere Pro) 


Documentation of Completion of Certification Course are
required for successful completion of Level V. 

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