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The Crimestoppers scheme is a proven and established school-wide crime investigation and intelligence-gathering tool that enables administrators to identify criminals who have commited or are about to commit a crime.

Who contacts CRIMESTOPPERS?283/p395585318_62.gif
Crimestoppers enables people to contact the school and give information about anyone involved in criminal activity; yet the caller will never be asked for his/her name.

CRIMESTOPPERS Gurantees Anonymity
One may give his/her name, but it is volutnary and will remain anonymous to the public and all persons involved in criminal misbehavior.

How much money will be paid in the event a case is solved?
The following rewards will be paid to informants when information is received that leads to a case being solved.  

Major Weapons $75 - $100
Drugs $75 - $100
Major Theft $50 - $75
Minor Theft $10 - $30
Major Vandalism $50 - $75
Minor Vandalism $30 - $50


If you have any information about an unsolved crime, be a concerned citizen!

What do you do?
Identify yourself with a 5-digit number that only you will know when you call or email.
You will be eligible for a reward of up to $100 for information leading to the conviction and prosecution of the offender(s).
Notice will be posted when a reward is to be paid. Students may call to verify the 5-digit code and arrangements for payment can be made.

Call: 875-YELL

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