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To better meet the needs of employees and to make information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year...HISD has begun the process of providing short instructional videos that provide basic information and guidance over a wide range of subjects. 

Suggestion concerning ways to improve website are always welcome. 

HISD strives to make the website user friendly and easy to navigate.  Some screenshots in videos may not reflect the most recent changes to site.  If you need assistance please contact HDOT. 


New Teacher Quiz

1. What program is used by administrators to document walk thrus and PDAS observations?

2. What program must a teacher use to document or request absenses from duties?

3. Who must a teacher submit a request to attend professional development to?  How is request submitted?

4. Name four different ways that a teacher may communicate electronically with parents.

5. Which Compentency Levels must be completed by the end of a teacher's first year of employment?

6. How does one request help for a technology problem in one's classroom?

7. Where can one find the "TEACHER SELF-Report" form that must be completed during the first weeks of the new school year?

8. Which employees are required to maintain a class website?

9. How would one submit a request to have desks moved, light bulbs replaced, screen mounted, etc.?

10.  Where might one find information about TEKS alignment and student expectations for a specific subject at a specific grade level?

11. When (and why) are all teachers expected to sign the "Digital Device Loan Agreement Form"?

Instructional Videos:


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