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Staff Resources: Checkout & Production

The first place an employee should check when one needs special equipment or assistance is their campus media center.  All Learning Resource Media Specialist (Librarians) are knowledgeable about what their campus has available for teacher use. 

If one cannot find what he/she needs at the campus level, the next step would be the district level. The items below can be checked out by teachers/administrators for school related presentations and events.  

Samples of posters, booklets, etc. that can be created onsite are included at the bottom of the page.  Any items produced must be approved by campus principal or administrator.   There is usually a miminum cost associated with any item produced.  

Contact Joan Ragland ( or Jennifer Brazil ( for additional information and availability. 


Webcam on 8” tripod
with 25’ extension camble
(5 available)

14” Game Wheel 
(white or color inserts)
Dell Lapatop (no DVD player)
14” Desktop display tripod
(3 available)


Contact Joan Ragland

Classroom Number:
School Phone:
Cell Phone: